• LakeConnect MCNaaS
    (Multi-Cloud Network-as-a-Service)

    Anytime, Anywhere, On-Demand: Connecting Global Enterprises with the Multi-Cloud World

    A Post-Pandemic Optimizer for Distributed Enterprise Cloudification and Digital Transformation

  • Cloud Office Remote

    Digital Enterprises Post-Pandemic: Operations Anywhere

  • LakeWare PaaS
    Platform as a Service for Digital Automation

Digital Business Value

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  • Agile: Global Multi-Cloud Network Connectivity in 30 Minutes

    • End-to-End Multi-Cloud Network Service Delivery Automation
    • Self-Service SaaS-enabled E-commerce Transactions
    • Network Keeping Pace with Cloud & DevOps: Globally Achieving Full Business Agility of Cloud Computing
  • Freedom: Time, Space, Demand, Financial

    • AnyTime: 24/7, Across All Time Zones, Always On
    • Anywhere: Post-Pandemic Global Distributed Workspaces, Operating from Anywhere
    • On-Demand: Connecting Any Matching Resources Based on Role and Business Needs
    • Financial: Subscription-based SaaS, Zero CAPEX, On-Demand Scaling
  • Visualization: Enterprise-Level, End-to-End

    • Visualization: Metrics for Availability, Health, Resources, and Experience Quality, the Foundation of Digital Transformation
    • Enterprises match business needs with cloud and network services based on metric results, generating supply-demand optimized network utilization strategies
    • Automated Operations: Workflow and business-matched strategies driving efficient day-to-day maintenance and operations, digitally reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Security: End-to-End, Identity-Driven

    • End-to-End, Micro-Segmentation, Zero Trust ZTNA Model
    • Enterprise-Level Identity and Access Management (IAM) Defining Application Access Policies
    • Cloud and Network Security Elements (NGFW, CSWG)
    • Cloud-Delivered and Operated Security Services
  • Agile
    Global Reach in 30 Minutes
  • Freedom
    Anytime, Anywhere,
  • Visual
  • Security
    Security: End-to-End

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UniLake MCNaaS

Distributed Enterprises with Unified Cloud-Network Architecture:
Productivity Resource Nodes, On-Demand Interconnection

A multi-cloud-native network and security services platform architecture, unified metadata model, ensuring consistency in architecture and functionality across heterogeneous resource nodes. Providing on-demand end-to-end network and security services between any productivity resource nodes, such as global office sites, remote workforce users, data centers/private clouds, public cloud VPCs, SaaS/PaaS, web applications, and ecosystem partners.

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Scenarios Use Cases

Ecosystem Partners

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