Service & Support

Technical & Operational Support

Technical Support

(Remote, On-site, Spare Parts):
  • 24x7 round-the-clock service desk and technical support center (available in Chinese, English, and other languages as needed).
  • On-site engineer and spare parts support capability in over 120 countries/regions.
  • Support for SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreements with response times of up to 24x7x4 hours (on-site) in major cities around the world.
  • Serving nearly 200 medium-to-large-sized and multinational enterprises, including multiple Fortune 1000 companies.

Operational Support

(Included within MCNaaS service scope):
  • Technology Operations Team: Years of hands-on operational experience, supporting complex enterprise network operational requirements, covering everything from traditional corporate networks to global carrier backbone networks, as well as SDN, SD-WAN, and cloud networks.
  • LakeWare Digital Platform: Focused on Digital Experience Management (DEM) and workflow automation, driven by DevOps/NetDevOps, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and Google SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) methodologies. This platform includes digital experience observation, tracking analysis, automated notifications, troubleshooting/root cause analysis, and experience optimization. The core operational support team is equipped with cloud and network DevOps capabilities and holds official SRE certifications.

Contact Information for Support

Deployment Support

  • Standard deployment utilizes highly standardized/automated deployment configuration workflows and provides end-to-end enterprise cloud network and common critical application Quality of Experience (QoE) testing capabilities.
  • Hassle-free global logistics delivery for required physical CPE devices (Door-to-Door DDP logistics, including customs clearance).
  • Proof of Concept (POC) embodies an enterprise's day-to-day operational perspective and focus, ensuring a balance between end-user experience and IT team workflow experience.
  • In addition to regular automated deployment scenarios, on-site deployment support is available on-demand in over 120 countries/regions.


For enterprises with complex multi-cloud network scenarios and requirements, UniLake offers a team of experts with deep domain expertise and insights to provide the industry's most professional cloud networking infrastructure digital consulting/design services tailored to the needs of the enterprise:

  • Focusing on practical business-oriented cloud network consulting, helping clients simultaneously optimize digital experience and economic costs.
  • Employing a holistic full-stack design approach for multi-cloud networks, leveraging the best combination of optimization technologies and global network infrastructure resources.