About UniLake

slogan: Surfing the Third Wave of cloud networking


Anytime, Anywhere, On-Demand: Connecting Global Enterprises to the Multi-Cloud World


We create an ultra-automated and intelligent cloud network platform using the "Infrastructure as Code" approach in DevOps, delivering performance levels more than a hundred times higher than current industry standards, to provide enterprises with optimized cloud and network integration services

Core Values

Corporate Culture DNA

UniLake is proud of the culture of Silicon Valley engineers and start-ups. We embrace the values and achievements advocated by DevOps (Development and Operations), IaC (Infrastructure as Code), and SRE (Google's "Site Reliability Engineering). These encompass the automation values and implementations, the intersection of infrastructure and operations under the software engineering methodology, the balance between service goals and costs, the importance of open communication and collaboration within the team, and the culture of reviewing actions rather than blaming individuals, among other topics. These are not only the technical tools and engineering philosophies we love but also the work-life approach we pursue. They are the corporate culture DNA that unites all UniLakers.


The UniLake team focuses on the cloud and networking field, and is a full-dimensional, full-stack portfolio covering core cloud network technology, product development and digital service operations.

The founding partners of the team come from diverse career backgrounds, including Silicon Valley cloud and network technology companies, domestic cloud computing technology startups, large international telecommunications manufacturing groups, and pioneering domestic cloud and network service providers. With over 12 years of experience in the cloud and network domain, the team has evolved through traditional networking to SDN, SDWAN, and MCN, deeply emphasizing technology and business optimization, productization, and cloud/SaaS transformation.

In addition to their core expertise in cloud and network technologies and product development, the UniLake core team also possesses rich experience and cognitive insights of both sides of the equation in the ToB enterprise and telecommunications full-stack business operations. Throughout their involvement in the domestic and international cloud and network markets, they have also accumulated rich technical and market ecosystem resources.

Business Model

UniLake provides "Multi-Cloud Network as a Service (MCNaaS)" to global enterprises in today's hybrid multi-cloud environments, offering a SaaS-based global network infrastructure service.

Anytime, anywhere, in just 30 minutes, you can establish end-to-end network connectivity services between any two points in your enterprise's global office sites, data centers/private clouds, remote work users, major public clouds, SaaS/internet applications, and ecosystem partners. This service ensures end-to-end access security driven by enterprise user identity and provides enterprise-grade end-to-end digital experience quality management and visualized/automated daily operations.

In the era of hybrid multi-cloud and the post-pandemic world, UniLake guarantees full connection, full experience, and digital operations for your business anywhere in the world.


Currently, UniLake serves nearly 200 large and medium-sized enterprise users worldwide across smart manufacturing, high-end retail, energy, finance, technology, and other industries. Including Dupont, Nokia, Ikea, Fidelity, Bank of China, PetroChina, Citroen, Gurit, Heytex, Trigo, SaarGummi, and other industry leaders and hidden champions.

In a post-pandemic world filled with uncertainty, UniLake provides distributed enterprise users with uninterrupted global cloud network services, enabling them to seamlessly move between major public clouds, data centers, offices, homes, and on the go, anytime and anywhere. We ensure that various cloud resource services and SaaS/PaaS applications for our enterprise users are well-supported with optimized costs and the most suitable quality of experience.