Global Digital Marketing Provider

An enterprise international intelligent marketing service provider, serving clients in industries including e-commerce, gaming, utility applications, and education. With a clientele exceeding 5000 companies, notable clients include Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance, Kuaishou, iQiyi, and more. The company is dedicated to delivering global marketing and promotional services for domestic clients, aiding in their international expansion efforts. Their services aim to efficiently acquire users, enhance brand visibility, and achieve commercial monetization.

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Pain Points in IT Operations

As a global digital marketing platform, there is a need for a new IT architecture that extends and connects multiple regions of AWS overseas and Alibaba Cloud both domestically and internationally. Additionally, it must comply with policy requirements related to data sovereignty and governance at both domestic and international levels. This architecture should include end-to-end secure data transport channels and provide both connectivity and controlled business access permissions. By deploying a multi-cloud architecture, we hope to address the following issues:

  1. Design a secure and globally scalable network architecture that spans cloud regions and enables rapid multi-cloud expansion.
  2. Resolve the issue of inefficient and low-latency access between multiple clouds and regions.
  3. Establish fast access channels connecting domestic data centers to AWS and Alibaba Cloud.
  4. Secure channels: Data transmission between multiple clouds must be achieved through secure and encryptable channels.
  5. Access Control: Implement data isolation across different regions of multiple clouds based on business and policy requirements.
  6. Cater to the key tenets of global operations—simplicity, automation, visibility, and control.


Combining AWS and Alibaba Cloud, deploy and manage a cloud-native network architecture, securely interconnect multi-cloud and multi-region Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with on-premises data centers, providing efficient accessibility for multiple sites and mobile office personnel.

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  1. Through the backbone network of the MCN architecture, interconnect different clouds across multiple regions, ensuring efficient access to SaaS applications.
  2. Employ high-security-level encryption protocols to safeguard data transmission between multiple clouds.
  3. Utilize LakeWare to simplify the deployment of scalable and secure cloud networks based on workflows.
  4. Allow/restrict traffic into multi-cloud channels by identifying and customizing relevant business traffic.
  5. Provide global visibility, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities for faster fault detection using integrated diagnostic tools.

Demonstrated Effects

By adopting MCN to extend the multi-cloud structure, a transmission network is implemented, leveraging MCN's capabilities for cross-cloud orchest ration and troubleshooting, leading to significant reduction in operational costs. Architecturally, this solution offers high scalability, security, and ease of deployment. Through rapid conf iguration and automation, it simplifies and optimizes the inclusion of new cloud regions, enhances cloud network visibility, and operational control.

  1. Scalable and secure connections from multiple AWS, Alibaba Cloud regions to their data centers.
  2. Streamlined cloud network operation visibility and troubleshooting.
  3. Swift onboarding of new cloud regions and multi-cloud setups.
  4. Ensure business compliance, adhering to relevant laws and regulations in host countries