Manufacturing Quality Inspection Provider

A France-based automotive quality services company located in Paris, leveraging its 15-year accumulated experience in quality services across 20 countries globally. Committed to serving industries such as automotive, electronics, and machinery manufacturing, it offers a variety of specialized quality services. In 26 cities across China, the company provides a range of professional quality services to clients. These services include quality control (sorting and rework, incoming inspection, production process support, quality firewall, final inspection, etc.), quality engineering services (resident engineers, supplier quality management, production and process audits, on-site management, etc.), metrology, calibration, and testing.

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Pain Points in IT Operations

We require a novel IT architecture that can effortlessly extend connections across AWS regions and Alibaba Cloud regions, while ensuring employees can securely and swiftly access multi-cloud resources from client locations. Through the deployment of a multi-cloud architecture, we aim to address the following challenges

  1. Design a secure and globally scalable network architecture that spans cloud regions and enables rapid multi-cloud expansion.
  2. Overcome the AWS limitation of three intermediary gateways for each AWS Direct Connect gateway.
  3. Enhance the efficiency of cross-cloud access between AWS and Alibaba Cloud.
  4. Establish fast access channels connecting domestic data centers to AWS and Alibaba Cloud.
  5. Enable employees to access multi-cloud resources swiftly and securely from anywhere.
  6. Cater to the key tenets of global operations—simplicity, automation, visibility, and control.


Combining AWS and Alibaba Cloud, deploy and manage a cloud-native network architecture, securely interconnect multi-cloud and multi-region Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with on-premises data centers, providing efficient accessibility for multiple sites and mobile office personnel.

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  1. Through the backbone network of the MCN architecture, interconnect different clouds across multiple regions, ensuring efficient access to SaaS applications.
  2. Utilize LakeWare to simplify the deployment of scalable and secure cloud networks based on workflows.
  3. Provide global visibility, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities for faster fault detection using integrated diagnostic tools.
  4. Ensure mobile inspectors can swiftly and securely access AWS European region's SaaS applications at customer sites using LakeJet.

Demonstrated Effects

By adopting MCN to extend the multi-cloud structure, a transmission network is implemented, leveraging MCN's capabilities for cross-cloud orchest ration and troubleshooting, leading to significant reduction in operational costs. Architecturally, this solution offers high scalability, security, and ease of deployment. Through rapid conf iguration and automation, it simplifies and optimizes the inclusion of new cloud regions, enhances cloud network visibility, and operational control.

  1. Scalable and secure connections from multiple AWS, Alibaba Cloud regions to their data centers.
  2. Streamlined cloud network operation visibility and troubleshooting.
  3. Swift onboarding of new cloud regions and multi-cloud setups.
  4. Business connectivity anytime and anywhere, enhancing business continuity and agility.