Telecom Manufacturers

As a leading comprehensive communication solutions provider in China, the company offers end-to-end solutions and high-quality services. Our business spans across fixed voice networks, mobile communication networks, data communication networks, intelligent optical switching networks, network applications, system integration and services, multimedia terminals, and more.

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Pain Points in IT Operations

We need a new IT architecture that can easily establish multi-path extended connections across AWS regions, Alibaba Cloud regions, and Azure regions. Simultaneously, it should enable rapid onboarding of multiple domestic enterprise branches into the cloud, ensuring secure access to cloud-native enterprise applications and swift access to SaaS applications within overseas public clouds. By deploying a multi-cloud architecture, we aim to address the following key challenges:

  1. Design a secure and globally scalable network architecture that spans cloud regions and enables rapid multi-cloud expansion.
  2. Create fast access channels from domestic data centers to AWS and Alibaba Cloud, ensuring efficient connectivity.
  3. Resolve the inefficiencies of accessing overseas SaaS applications from within the domestic network.
  4. Resolve the inefficiencies of accessing overseas SaaS applications from within the domestic network.
  5. Empower employees to access multi-cloud resources quickly and securely from any location.
  6. Cater to the key tenets of global operations—simplicity, automation, visibility, and control.


Integrating multi-cloud with the deployment and management of a Cloud-Native Network Architecture securely connects multi-cloud and multi-region VPCs with on-premises data centers, providing efficient access capabilities for multiple enterprise sites.

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  1. Ensure efficient application collaboration between different clouds by connecting multi-region setups through the backbone network of the MCN architecture.
  2. Rapidly connect multi-region corporate sites via the backbone network of the MCN architecture, ensuring efficient access from sites to the cloud.
  3. Utilize LakeWare to simplify the deployment of scalable and secure cloud networks based on workflows.
  4. Provide global visibility, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities for faster fault detection using integrated diagnostic tools.
  5. Leverage 7-layer business identification capabilities to recognize Teams applications and real-time observation of QoE data, utilizing digital analysis to support global SaaS access pathway optimization and QoE assurance strategies.

Demonstrated Effects

Expanding the multi-cloud structure with MCN to implement a transmission network, utilizing MCN's ability for cross-cloud orchestration and troubleshooting, thus significantly reducing operational costs. Architecturally, this solution offers high scalability, security, and ease of deployment. Through swift configuration and automation, it simplifies and optimizes the inclusion and operational control of new cloud regions and enterprise sites.

  1. Scalable and secure connections from multiple AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud regions to their respective enterprise sites.
  2. Streamlined cloud network operation visibility and troubleshooting.
  3. Providing multiple optimal pathways for accessing various services based on the different locations of enterprise sites.
  4. Seamless Teams video conferencing experience, with a packet loss rate of <1%, assured with the highest application priority for Teams.
  5. Business connectivity anytime and anywhere, enhancing business continuity and agility.