LakeWare PaaS
Platform as a Service for Digital Automation

UniLake LakeWare PaaS Digital Platform as a Service
A comprehensive digital navigation for real-world multi-cloud network operations, providing a full-spectrum, full-experience approach for global enterprises and cloud-network service providers, accelerating corporate digital transformation.

Core Values

UniLake Features

The UniLake core team has amassed nearly 12 years of experience in the cloud-network field, spanning from traditional networking to SDN/SDWAN and evolving into MCN multi-cloud networking. Leveraging our deep understanding of process algorithms focused on full-stack operational practices for large enterprises and cloud-network service operators, we have combined core cloud-networking technologies, SaaS-driven platform software products, and the practical implementation of infrastructure software operations through DevOps, IaC, and SRE practices. This fusion has given rise to LakeWare, a digitized and automated platform deeply embedded with operational insights and continuously evolving through iterative updates.

LakeWare Focuses on Practical Concerns of Leading Large Enterprise Infrastructure Operations:

Business Agility, Especially in Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments
End-to-End QoE Experience Quality Visualization and Optimization for Critical Global SaaS Applications
Rapid Cloud-Network Troubleshooting to Ensure Business Continuity
Global Cloud-Network Service Resource Optimization for Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement

LakeWare Addresses Practical Concerns of Cloud-Network Service Providers:

Rapid Deployment, Activation, Configuration, and Changes of Cloud-Network Resources and Services in Multi-Cloud Environments
Ensuring QoS Within Contract Scope and Protecting SLAs, Including SRE Best Practices for Optimizing SLO/SLA Targets, Costs, and Risks
Operational Troubleshooting Alarm Noise Reduction, Root Cause Analysis, Automated Notifications, and Agile Problem Resolution
Capacity Cost Monitoring, Analysis, and Planning Decision Support to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Key Features

  • Digital Navigation

    Presenting global cloud-network end-to-end spatial topology and key operational data from a digital business perspective, including quantitative statistics of relevant resources, spatial distribution, real-time status, and cloud-network service end-to-end experience quality (encompassing enterprise sites, remote office users, SaaS/internet, public cloud VPCs, etc.)

  • Application Experience Quality Observation

    • Combining Application Identification with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) Engine
    • Defining Baseline Metrics for Application Experience Quality (QoE) using Application Definitions and Official Vendor Recommendations (e.g., Microsoft Teams), Categorizing as Good, Average, or Poor based on Network QoS Parameters
    • Continuously Real-Time Observing Any Application Flow from Users or Cloud-Network CPE/Gateways to SaaS or other Sites (Including Public Cloud VPCs) on an End-to-End Basis
  • Cloud-Network Digital Operations Management

    • Definition and Management of Multi-Cloud Network Infrastructure Assets (Sites, Devices, Connections)
    • LakeFlow Workflow Engine: Automation of Cloud-Network Service Activation and SaaS Business Procurement Workflows
    • LakeEye Visualization Engine: Observing and Visualizing Multi-Cloud Network Service Usage and Quality (Availability and QoS SLA) from Point, Device, and Connection Perspectives
  • COR(LakeJet)Cloud Office Remote

    • Visual Dashboard for Overall Remote Cloud Office Service Operations Status
    • Management of Remote Cloud Office Users and Cloud Gateways (with Automated Batch Processing Capability)
    • Access Security Control Policies and Blacklist/Whitelist Management
  • SmartDNS Intelligent Domain Resolution

    • Dashboard: Presenting DNS Basic Operational Status, Cache Status, Key Metrics (Main Domain, Users, FQDN, etc.)
    • Management of DNS Service Nodes and Configurations
    • DNS Log Management
  • Intelligent Notifications / Alerts

    • Omni-Channel Notification Capabilities (Email, SMS, WeChat, Microsoft Teams, DingTalk, Feishu, Slack)
    • Intelligent Policy Management Combined with Visual Analytics (Definition, Template Library)
    • Offer Layered Storage for Massive Alert Information and External Analysis Engine API Integration
  • LakeID Enterprise-Level IAM (Identity and Access Management)

    • Multi-Tenant Multi-Level Organizational Hierarchy Management, Facilitating Large Enterprises and Service Provider Ecosystem/Channel Collaboration
    • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for User/User Group Access Permission Management
    • Enterprise-Level Directory System Integration (Active/Azure Directory, LDAP, SAML) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Deployment Methodology

In an enterprise PaaS subscription model, deployment is not required. Instead, services can be activated on-demand.

Service partners have the option to choose either the PaaS subscription model or deploy the LakeWare platform software on resources specified by the partner.

Business Model

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PaaS Subscription Service
Annual or Monthly Payment, for Enterprises or Service Providers

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